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Highlights from Yesterday's Meeting by N


(English follows Japanese)

2023年10月28日(土)#49 Kashiwa Regular ならぬ Irregular Meeting


人数が少なかったので、いつもは各自30秒のところそれぞれ3分以上時間をとってRound Robin で近況報告からのスタート。


NMさんは、お宅の平屋の新築計画についてシェア。NNは、通訳をする際、話者が一気に話すと訳すのが非常に難しかったという経験をシェア。YMは、手作りおうちご飯が基本の日本と3食外食の香港とシンガポールの違いをシェア。 近況報告は楽しいですね。

今回のテーマは “Culture” です。



Cultureに関するTable Topics ではいつものように突撃クイズです。あっという間の一時間半でお開きとなりました。

次回は 11/4 Language Exchange Meetingを行います。場合によってはtable topicsも行うかもしれません。

Today's meeting had a bit lower attendance than usual, and it was conducted in a different style from our regular scheduled meetings.

With the smaller group, we departed from the usual 30-second introduction and went for over 3 minutes each, starting with a Round Robin sharing of recent updates. IM shared feelings of sadness about recent news of conflicts. NM shared plans for a new single-story home. NN had an interesting experience interpreting for a mixed group of Australians and Japanese at an Ikebana lesson, where the rapid speech made translation quite challenging. YM also shared stories about the cultural differences between homemade meals in Japan and eating out for all three meals in Hong Kong and Singapore. Sharing updates is always enjoyable.

The theme for this meeting was "Culture".

We heard about wedding attire in Sri Lanka,

a memorable Indonesian scarf that would be using as a tablecloth, and a story about how JR Hokkaido's train tracks run right alongside the coast, which is quite surprising. There was also a talk about the differences between Japanese Ikebana and Western flower arrangement.

While there was a slight glitch when sharing a PowerPoint screen, we managed to overcome it.

During the Table Topics session on the topic of culture, we went with the usual impromptu quizzes. 1 hour and a half went by in the blink of an eye.

Next time, on 11/4, we will be having a Language Exchange Meeting. Depending on the situation, we might also have some Table Topics.




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