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Reflections on Our Meeting

Last night's meeting during Golden Week saw a cozy gathering of three members and one guest. The guest brought a bright and friendly vibe that made the session truly enjoyable. Our themes for the evening were 'Spring Cleaning' and 'Outdoor Adventures,' conducted in a round-robin format. Everyone was mindful of time management, which allowed for concise and effective speeches.

The warm and intimate atmosphere enabled valuable insights into each other’s personalities and lifestyles, fostering great interactions. We are delighted that our guest, Mr. H, has expressed interest in joining us again for next week’s 'Talk in English.' Personally, I found that M san has shown remarkable progress, shining through with the skills she has honed over the past eighteen months since joining. 

The story behind  K san’s first name was particularly captivating. Also his speech showcased his impressive vocabulary. Despite the small turnout, the casual nature of our session brought out the fun and made it a memorable gathering. It is what makes our meetings special.


温かい雰囲気の中で、お互いの性格やライフスタイルを知ることができたのも良かったです。ゲストのHさんが、来週の「Talk in English」にまた参加したいと言ってくださったし。



なんだかんだ言っても、参加者が少なかったにもかかわらず、カジュアルセッションの気軽さで、いい集いになりました。これってKashiwa Toastmasters Clubのミーティングの強みじゃないかなと思います。




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