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We have 

3 meetings a month (お得だしためになる!)

1st Sat. of Month
Table Topics Boot Camp

2nd Sat. of Month
Talk in English
(Casual Discussion) 

Podcast Season 1 Episode 4 3/23 Hybrid Regular Meeting Highlight ↓

4th Sat. of Month
Regular Meeting (EN) 


1. **キャリアアップの鍵** (Key to Career Advancement)

2. **人脈拡大のチャンス** (Networking Opportunity)

3. **ストレス解消・自信向上** (Stress Relief & Confidence Boost)

4. **効果的な会議術** (Effective Meeting Skills)

5. **仕事と生活の調和** (Work-Life Balance)

6. **魅力的なプレゼン力** (Engaging Presentation Skills)

7. **個人の成長** (Personal Growth)

8. **社会貢献のためのスピーチ** (Public Speaking for Social Impact)

9. **問題解決・分析的思考** (Problem-Solving & Critical Thinking)

10. **メンターシップの機会** (Mentorship Opportunities)

↓50 seconds movie of Talk in English

Our 日本語 web site is here

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