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Overview of today's 'talk in English'


Discussion Leader: MN Overview written by YM

**Theme: The Golden Week Holidays**

News about Fujikawaguchiko Town in Yamanashi Prefecture setting up a privacy curtain around the popular photo spot 'Mt. Fuji Lawson' for foreign tourists has been reported around the world.

**Topic #1: Overtourism**

- Crowding and traffic congestion at tourist sites

- Littering and cigarette butts

- Rule violations

- Noise pollution

- Shortage of accommodation


- Distribution of a hands-free tourism guidebook and luggage delivery service to hotels or homes

- Avoiding over-concentration in specific areas

- Early-morning sightseeing

- Summer "green viewing" of maple leaves

- Dispersing tourism locations and promoting experience-based travel over sightseeing My opinions for countermeasures

Recently, more people are interested in traveling to have experiences rather than simply visiting traditional tourist sites. Examples of ordinary lifestyle experiences include:

- A tonkatsu restaurant where visitors can practice sumo wrestling

- A spicy ramen challenge experience

- Bento-making classes in regular households

- Visiting TeamLab, a **digital art museum** or an **immersive art exhibit**

These unique activities allow travelers to engage more deeply with the local culture and gain memorable experiences.

**Topic #2: Money for Leisure and Learning**

Summary of the breakout room I joined : Saving money for leisure really means working hard, putting in overtime, or finding ways to increase income. If that's tough, then enjoy leisure activities that don't cost much.

Investing in English is a good investment because it's for my hobby, and it contributes to my well-being.

Next Meeting : May 25th Toastmasters Regular Meeting Hybrid Meeting (online & Palette Kashiwa)




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