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Fantastic Night Summary by YM

I am currently reflecting on last night's Boot Camp, where I got carried away and became ecstatic over some exciting news. However, I must admit that it was indeed a joyous occasion to have new members joining as Toastmasters.

Therefore, the Table Topics session, which welcomed guests who will soon become members, became a relaxed and enjoyable opportunity to unwind. Improvisational speeches not only provide a natural conversational atmosphere but also serve as the practice we are seeking.

Now, let me paste the key points from Yoodli, AI Speech Coach's meeting here.

昨晩のBoot Campは、嬉しいニュースがあって、有頂天になってしまったことを少し反省しているところです。



では、AI Speech CoachのYoodliのmeeting のkey points をこちらにペーストします。 Key points we heard:

• The conversation took place in a Toastmasters Club meeting, with topics including food

preferences, ritual practices, and adapting to the cold climate.

• Members gave short introductions, shared cherry blossom viewing spots, and discussed crazy

things people do.

• They talked about the healing power of music, with a focus on classical and piano music.

• The conversation shifted to discussing the best part of growing older and the importance of

technology in everyday life.

• Members discussed travel preferences and shared memorable travel experiences.

• They talked about their preferences for locations, seasons, and music, including songs with

emotional impact.

• The topic of humanoid robots and the tasks they could delegate to them was also discussed.

• Members shared their thoughts on working abroad, language barriers, and adapting to foreign


• The conversation touched on challenges faced during long vacations and alternative options for

language improvement.

• The meeting ended with a suggestion to ask further questions about toastmasters club or related



- 食べ物の好み、儀式の習慣、寒い気候への適応などが話題になった。

- 短い自己紹介をし、桜の名所を共有し、人々がするおかしなことについて話し合った。

- クラシックやピアノを中心に、音楽の持つ癒しの力について語り合った。

- 話題は、年を重ねることの醍醐味や、日常生活におけるテクノロジーの重要性へと移っ


- 旅行の好みについて話し合い、思い出に残る旅行体験を共有した。

- 場所、季節、音楽などの好みについて語り合い、感動的な曲も紹介された。

- 人型ロボットの話題や、ロボットに任せられる仕事についても話し合われた。

- 海外で働くこと、言葉の壁、外国の食事への適応などについて意見を交わした。

- 長期休暇中に直面する課題や、語学上達のための別の選択肢についても話が及んだ。

- トーストマスターズ・クラブの入会手続きについて話しミーティングは終了した。


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