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2 Years of Growth: Kashiwa Toastmasters' Journey in English Communication 🌟

(Japanese follows after English)

Hi, there! So, on March 7, 2022, we kicked off the Kashiwa Toastmasters journey. Our little club may only be two years old, but we've been soaking in all kinds of experiences and growing big time.

Watching big-name athletes like Shohei Ohtani, Yuzuru Hanyu, Kaoru Mitoma, and Takefusa Kubo, it hits you that learning English is something that happens when you use it in your environment. Especially for athletes, expressing each move in English is crucial, making English skills as essential as blood and flesh. Just like them, us at Kashiwa Toastmasters create a space to communicate in English through meetings and events, providing a cost-effective and enjoyable spot to accumulate experiences, even while being in Japan.

Come March 2024, we'll hit the ripe age of two, and we're hoping to celebrate a birthday that screams "growth." Huge thanks to everyone who supported us this year. Wishing you all a fantastic New Year, and here's to hoping the coming year brings leaps and bounds for everyone at Kashiwa Toastmasters. Have an awesome year! 🎉

2022年 3月7日にチャーターした柏トーストマスターズ



大谷翔平さん、羽生結弦さん、三苫薫さん(みとまかおる)、久保建英(くぼたけふさ)など世界中で有名なアスリート達を見ても英語は環境の中で使って初めて身についていくものだということがわかります。特にアスリートはひとつひとつの動きを英語で表すことが必要ですからまさに英語力が血となり肉となるわけです。 我々、柏トーストマスターズも、英語例会やイベントを通して英語でコミュニケートするという部分で日本に居ながらにして英語環境に身を置く時間をつくれるわけですから、経験を積む場所としては安価で学びを楽しめる場所です。







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