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The new term has started!!

Last night, we had a very enjoyable 4th meeting with our new president, T. He joined us from 足柄サービスエリア on his way to Ishikawa Prefecture, as he had a travel support certificate. To kick off the meeting, he threw the signature phrase 'Let's celebrate the new term!! 🎉

Topics are as follows

1) What would you like to do tomorrow?

2) What are your plans for the near future?

3) Are you caught up in the excitement?

4) What did you eat today?

5) You will have a guest from China who has been to Japan multiple times and knows a lot about the country. You have one day to entertain him. What would you do?

6) Can you share the funniest speech you've ever heard?

7) How do you deal with the high humidity?

8) What is your favorite book?

9) Is there anything that you consider non-negotiable?

10) If you could take a friend from another country on a trip in Japan, where would you take them?

11) What kind of movies do you enjoy?

12) Have your characteristics or lifestyle changed as you've gotten older?

13) What type of music do you love?

14) If you won the year-end Jumbo lottery, what would you do?

15) If you could acquire any talent you wanted, what talent would you choose?

16) Who/what is your 推し?

17) Could you share your 推し with us?




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