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Talk in English Meeting Overview by AK

2月 10 日土曜日

Talk in English

今回のディスカッションマスターは入会まだ浅い I さんが勤めてくれました。





This time, our discussion master was I-san, who recently became our member.

We had six participants, including a new member.

First, everyone gave a one-minute speech about what's going on in their lives.

One minute may seem long, but it's short, and it can feel long, but it's actually quite short.

What people cram into one minute varies, and it's not just about English; it also exercises your brain.

The topics for this discussion:


The topics for this discussion:

1 Consumerism

2 Memory about school teacher

「必要もないものを買ってしまいがち」 「女性はお金を細かいことに使う傾向があり男性は大きな買い物をす

る傾向があるかも」 「コマーシャルの影響を受けて衝動買いしてしまう」などの話が飛び出し、 学校の先生に

ついては、 「幼稚園の先生が初恋だった」などの話が飛び出し楽しくディスカッションができました。

更に詳しい解説を Yoodli がしてくれているのでそちらを見てみましょう。

We discussed things like "tendency to buy things we don't need," "women tend to spend money on small things

while men tend to make big purchases," and "getting influenced by commercials and making impulse buys."

When it came to school teachers, we shared stories like "my kindergarten teacher was my first crush," and it made

for an enjoyable discussion.

Yoodli provided more detailed explanations, so let's check that out.


Key points we heard:

• Participants discuss various topics, including weather, movies, shopping habits, and the influence of advertising

on consumption.

• IS shares her interest in learning Japanese through language exchange.

• AK praises IS's dedication to studying Japanese.

• YU recommends a drama and discusses watching it on Netflix.

• KE describes his daily routine and shopping preferences.

• MA shares her experience watching "The Silence of the Lambs" and enjoying it despite finding it scary.

• YO discusses a doctor's visit, sunny weather, and starting a new novel.

• IS initiates a conversation about consumerism and the impact of advertising on buying decisions.

• Participants share experiences with online shopping, including quick book deliveries and challenges with sizing.

• Conversation transitions to memories of favorite teachers, with participants sharing anecdotes and expressing



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