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Talk in English April 6, 2024


Key points we heard:

• The group expressed support and interest in the topic of family and relationships.

• YM emphasized the importance of mutual respect and open communication in a marriage, as well as recognizing each other as individuals.

• They highlighted the value of discussing everything and avoiding assumptions and conflict.

• MT shared his thoughts on maintaining good relationships with family members, suggesting understanding and accepting different perspectives.

• AH emphasized the importance of maintaining some distance and respecting each other's hobbies and interests in a relationship.

• IM shared her experience of being a good listener, trusting and appreciating her husband, and surprising each other with small gestures of love.

• Y K mentioned the need for effort, communication, understanding, and commitment to build a good relationship, highlighting quality time together and trust and honesty as important factors.

• M N shared her experience of a nearly 20-year marriage, emphasizing the importance of honesty, communication, and showing appreciation and respect towards each other.

We engaged in meaningful conversations during the meeting. Afterward, we divided into breakout rooms to continue our discussions in smaller, more focused groups.




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