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Summary & Announcement

<<Summary by A>>


Regular Meeting





This month's meeting was like a Speech Marathon!

We all had to give speeches to pick someone for the upcoming contest. 

Even though there were only 5 of us,weall gave speeches of 6~7 minutes. The theme was decided just two weeks ago, so no one had much time to prepare. Butit turned out to be a great chance to practice speaking in front of others. With each speech, everyone seemed to get more comfortable and confident, even though we started without much preparation. It was cool to see everyone improve and speak confidently!

以下AI, Yoodli の拾ったキーポイントです。 

Key points we heard:(by Yoodli) 

• Discussion on upcoming contest season and challenges of hosting an in-house contest due to small club size

• M's speech on importance of foreign language and communication skills for young Japanese people

• Positive feedback and encouragement from the audience for M's speech

• N's speech on communication style and dealing with difficult individuals in the workplace

• Appreciation for N's speech and decision to follow counselor's advice

• Compliments forY's speech on storytelling and realistic experiences

• Suggestions to narrow down topic of communication skills to specific scenarios

• Discussion on challenges faced during volunteer event involving Indonesian participants and kimono dressing

• Emphasis on imagination, responsibility, teamwork, and enjoyment in volunteer work

• Mention of upcoming persuasive speech titled "What would you do? Kashiwa?"

<< Announcement by Y>> 次回は今週土曜日 Table Topics Boot Campです!


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