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Regular Meeting Recap: February 24 by MN

(Japanese follows English)

Greetings, everyone! Our Regular Meeting takes place on the fourth Saturday of every month.

This month, we enjoyed an energetic meeting with two new faces among us. We had the induction ceremony. The highlight was the "Prepared Speech" segment, in which one of our speakers recounted their remarkable experiences during a business trip to India. The account was truly engaging and entertaining! Following that, during the Table Topic Sessions, our Table Topic Master engaged participants with thought-provoking questions such as, ‘What’s your favorite memory from Toastmasters?’ ‘What’s something you’re looking forward to moving on from?’ ‘What is something you wish you could "graduate from” ?’  and ‘Have you ever encountered cultural shock?’ Responses were given within the allocated time, sparking lively discussions. A standout memory for many was last year’s end-of-year party, which, being our first in-person event post-pandemic, was exceptionally delightful.

We’re always excited to welcome new visitors, so if you're curious, please feel free to join us. We’re eager to meet you!




「"卒業 "したいと思うことは何ですか」





次のミーティングは、Sat. 3/2 Table Topics Boot Camp 7:30-8:30 PM




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