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Meeting Digest of 'Table Topics Boot Camp' on March 2nd

3 月 2 日土曜日

Table Topics Boot Camp

第一土曜日は Table Topics Boot Camp です

参加者はゲストが1名来てくれたので 7 名。

まずは近況についてそれぞれが 30 秒ずつショートスピーチ。



1st Saturday is for Table Topics Boot Camp.

There were 7 participants because one guest came.

First, each person gave a short speech for 30 seconds about the latest situation.

We shared the latest situation.

We had a lot of interesting questions for the table topics session.

① Please provide some information on other noteworthy landmarks or accomplishments in Japan or worldwide.

It could be about the largest, longest, heaviest, or similar.

A: Japan has the highest snowfall in the world, surpassing other countries, including Norway and Finland.

② Which do you like better: physical books, eBooks, or audiobooks?

③ Do you have anything planned for March?

④ Which festival would you enjoy the most in Japan?

⑤ What qualities do you value most in a friend?

⑥ Do you have any specific plans for your future?

⑦ Do you have something or someone that has significantly impacted your life?

⑧ What job or task have you struggled with the most?

⑨ Do you prefer spending your free time outdoors or indoors?

⑩ Please share your favorite quote with us.

A: Plants are designed to grow, and so are you. So, move toward the light and take action to grow.

By Mel Robbins



There were a lot of personal questions, so I wrote answers to only non-personal ones.

Let’s look forward to other fun questions next time.




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