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Meeting Digest by N

(English follows Japanese)

2024年 初―Boost campです。



さて、Table Topics は2分30秒以内に話をまとめなければなりません。突然の予期しない質問に答える訳ですが 度々終わってからああいえばよかったこういえばよかったと反省が伴うことばかりです。

  1. 年末はどのように過ごした?

  2. 新年の抱負は?

  3. 今年の旅行の計画は?

  4. 年賀状のデザインは?

  5. 英語学習における克服は?

  6. 苦しくてもあきらめなかった、本当に強い人を知っていますか?

  7. サンタクロースの存在を何歳まで信じていた?

  8. 門松を建てますか?


次回は1月13日、'Talk in English' ,A San がリーダーです。 1月27日の定例会では、全員がスピーチを行うスピーチマラソンの予定です。

We always start with quick 30-second updates – it's a tradition now! After a while, things might get a bit mixed up, but each of us shares our New Year's resolutions, the excitement of the year-end, and other fun stuff.

Now, for Table Topics, we've got 2 minutes and 30 seconds to sum up our thoughts. It's all about answering surprise questions on the spot. And afterwards, we often reflect on what we could have said differently or better.

Did you have a good time at the end of the year?

Any cool resolutions for the New Year?

Planning any exciting trips?

How about those New Year’s cards – got a cool design?

Share your English learning challenges.

Ever witnessed someone being super strong and not giving up when things got tough?

And here's a fun one – until what age did you believe in Santa Claus?

Do you set up 'Kado-matsu'?

We've covered all these cool topics, and of course, getting better at English is a goal for all of us here.

Our next meeting with A-San leading the casual discussion in English is on January 13th.

And get ready for January 27th – it's our speech marathon where everyone gets to deliver their speeches.

See you there!


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