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It was a joint meeting filled with valuable insights.


(English follows Japanese)


日本チームはラウンドロビンに慣れていないので、各々30秒ずつのショートスピーチが長めになり、最終的にミーティング終了時刻が時間を過ぎてしまいましたが、それは、ラウンドロビンマスターの私、emceeの反省点。 次回は上手に時間配分を行いたいと思います。失敗は成功の元!

そして、いよいよPrepared Speech Session。スピーカーは、4名。私は、それぞれのスピーチを堪能。Earthlings、Kashiwa、Chiyoda、そしてTokai Toastmastersを代表したスピーカーのバラエティーに富んだスピーチ!

インターネットコネクションが不安定になるアクシデントが発生し、table topicsとphoto sessionが前後しましたが、何事にも臨機応変なトーストマスター達、無事軌道にもどすことができました。

今回は、ジョイントということで、Table Topics Masterをearthlingsとkashiwa から1名ずつ選出し、本日のテーマ、"The other side of you. " に関連したトーストマスタークラブにふさわしい質問が4つずつ出題されました。

さて、その次は、Table Topics Sessionと並んでトーストマスターズクラブの醍醐味、Evaluation Sessionです。

improvement pointを見つけるのは慣れないと難しいですが、慣れてくると病みつきになります。 






For Kashiwa, it was their first joint meeting, so they were a bit nervous, but when they walked into the venue and saw a big turnout, they got excited. The meeting started on time.

The Japanese team wasn't used to the round-robin format, so each 30-second short speech ran a bit long, and, in the end, the meeting went beyond the scheduled time. That's something I, as the emcee for the round-robin, need to reflect on. I'll do a better job of time management next time. You know, mistakes are a stepping stone to success!

Then, we had four prepared speakers, and it was quite a fulfilling session. I really enjoyed the variety of speeches from the speakers representing Earthlings, Kashiwa, Chiyoda, and Tokai Toastmasters.

The internet connection got a little shaky, so the table topics and the photo session got switched around. But, with our quick-thinking Toastmasters, we managed to get things back on track.

Since it was a joint meeting, we had one Table Topics Master each from Earthlings and Kashiwa, and they came up with four questions each related to today's theme, "The other side of you," which was fitting for a Toastmasters club.

Next came the evaluation session, which, along with the Table Topics session, is the essence of Toastmasters clubs. Finding improvement points isn't easy when you're new at it, but it becomes addictive as you get used to it. Evaluators are performers too, so I learned something from different delivery styles.

We went over the planned end time by more than 20 minutes, so some had to leave since they couldn't stay longer on Zoom. Our group photo has fewer people than we'd like, but we're grateful to everyone who joined us. It was a valuable experience.

Special thanks to KY for stepping in as a pinch hitter from clubs other than the four, and to all the guests who joined us today. Thank you!





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