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Hybrid Meeting Recap

(Japanese follows English)

Dear Readers,

I've never been this excited to report on a meeting before. Wow, it was both fun and educational!

Our club president arrived on the scene just five minutes before the meeting. Why? Because our president had already visited one Toastmasters club in the morning, another in the evening, and then came to our Kashiwa club, making it a total of three Toastmasters clubs in one day. With just five minutes to spare, I was worried. Would everything be okay? Just when I found myself fumbling, our president swiftly set up Plan B or C and got us connected. And so, the meeting began.

We started with introduction from our guest at Palette, followed by the president's opening remarks and a brief explanation about Toastmasters clubs for our guest's benefit. Our president handled five roles all by themselves: operating the Timer app as Timer 1, being the Zoom Master (taking care of voting and ballot counting, and photography), and acting as the General Evaluator.

I took on three roles myself: Toastmasters of the evening, Timer 2, and venue coordinator.

The president, managing all five roles so calmly and efficiently, was truly impressive. That's why I'm thinking of broadcasting it on a podcast. Stay tuned!

As the General Evaluator, our president provided spot-on comments one after another. It's easy to assume that juggling so many meeting roles would leave little room for detailed evaluator notes. However, what our president did was truly awesome.

Our guest at Palette introduced himself with bright smile, participated in Topic Speeches, and shared his thoughts on the meeting, making it a delightful experience. Moreover, a guest from our previous 'Talk in English session' joined us online as well.

The positive feedback from our two guests was incredibly heartwarming.

Yesterday's meeting ended 30 minutes earlier than usual to allow for cleanup before Palette's closing time. Personally, I felt it was twice as impactful as our regular meetings—a truly sparkling session. If you're reading this blog, I highly encourage you to visit the Kashiwa Toastmasters Club and observe a meeting. Our members are friendly and fun, and we all enjoy speaking English. Let's speak English together. We look forward to seeing you.

Next time, we'll switch up our usual schedule a bit. The online Discussion planned for the second Saturday will now take place on the first Saturday. The Table Topics Boot Camp, usually held on the first Saturday online, will move to the second Saturday at Palette. The fourth Saturday will be our regular global program meeting online.

April is a great time to immerse yourself in an English-speaking environment. Let's refresh our spirits and dive in!



いやぁ~  楽しかったし勉強になりました!











会長は、Timer アプリの操作 Timer 1

           Zoom Master (投票とバロットカウンター, Photographer, )

           General Evaluator

1人 5役!!


私はToastmasters of the eveningとTimer2 会場係 の3役を兼任





何役もミーティングロールをこなしていたら、普通は、evaluatorとしてのメモもおろそかになって当たり前、だと思ってしまうけど、本当にAwesome! でした。

さて、パレットのゲストさんも快く笑顔で自己紹介、Topic Speech 、そして例会の感想をお話くださって、とても楽しかったです。

そして、前回のTalk in Englishの時の会場のゲストもオンラインから参加してくださいました。






通常のスケジュールとは少し入れ替えまして、第2土曜日に行うonline Discussionを第1土曜日に行う予定です。

第2土曜日がパレット柏で通常第1土曜に行うTable Topics Boot Campを行います。

第4土曜日は オンラインで通常の世界共通プログラムのミーティングです。





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