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How #24 Talk in English went?

We had a fantastic time with a special guest during our recent event. The event included various activities, such as self-introductions, questioning sessions with Isabelle, and an opportunity for participants to interview her. Our special guest conducted herself marvelously throughout the event.

I was particularly impressed by Isabelle's speaking abilities. Her fluency in English as her first language, coupled with her skill in choosing precise words and organizing information, made her an exceptional speaker. I wish I could have been as eloquent as her when I was her age.

I'd like to share some screenshots above from the event. The first one demonstrates the variation in pacing during the speeches. I noticed that my own speech tends to be slow compared to people from English speaking countries. The second screenshot shows the talk time distribution among participants.

For this event, we utilized Yoodli, an artificial intelligence-powered speech coach. I made an effort to reduce the frequency of using the word "okay." Although I still used it 22 times, it was an improvement from the previous event where I used it 25 times. I'm happy with this progress. Pacing is something that may be challenging to change, especially since English is not our first language. However, I'm not discouraged by it.

Instead, I have set other short-term goals, which have been quite encouraging. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed answering Isabelle's impromptu questions and conducting interviews with her. Practicing regularly is crucial for Japanese English learners like us. It helps us build confidence and improve our skills.

Our next meeting is the Regular Meeting on June 24th, where we will also have an induction ceremony.


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