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Digest of December 9th Meeting by MN

We kicked off the weekend with our "Talk in English" session, featuring a fun activity called "PICK ONE, KICK ONE." Members had a great time choosing between two options and explaining their preferences, such as "Be rich vs. Be famous." It sparked interesting discussions, like one member aspiring to achieve wealth with a balanced work-life like Mr. Jeff Bezos.

We had a blast debating topics like McDonald’s vs. KFC, outdoor games vs. indoor games, and more. What are your thoughts?

In the second session, the discussion leader delved into how members use online shopping. Some rely on reviews for every purchase, while others trust their instincts and shop without checking reviews. How about you?

Our weekend events were super friendly and relaxing, topped off with a welcome party for a new member on Sunday. It was a blast! If you're curious and want to join, please reach out.

We're eagerly waiting for you! 🤗

Enjoyed a delightful conversation with R, who dropped by on his journey during his first visit to Japan, coming all the way from an overseas club.




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