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Club Kashiwa is perfect for you!!


(English follows Japanese)

自分で毎日英語を練習しようと思うと大変ですよね。 若い頃に、こんなクラブがあったら、もっと持っている力で英語を操れたと思います。



トーストマスターズは、役割をしないといけないから大変なんですが、「大変」がないとなんでも上達しないんじゃないでしょうか? やっぱり後回しになっちゃう。







待ってます! When you try to practice English every day on your own, it can be quite challenging, right? Back in my younger days, I believe I could have handled English with even more proficiency if there were clubs like this.

When I first joined, I was assigned roles, which meant I had to squeeze writing drafts and practicing into my busy schedule. Honestly, I didn't like it much, but I've come to realize that setting short-term goals and taking action in English each time is what it's all about. Without action, nothing changes.

I also signed up for online English conversation practice, which is fun, but it tends to end there. Watching videos and reviewing was something I did mainly at the beginning.

Toastmasters, on the other hand, can be quite challenging because you have to take on roles. But isn't it true that without a bit of a challenge, we don't really improve? Procrastination tends to kick in.

I've had the experience of studying in the United States for three months, where I had homework to read about 100 pages of text per subject every week and write summaries and reflections. It was tough, really tough. Especially because my English level was clearly lower than students from other countries. I put in a lot of effort, and I did see some results, but then I returned to Japan and stopped speaking English.

In comparison, the roles at Toastmasters are like my short-term goals. The accumulation of taking on various roles in front of everyone has also boosted my self-esteem.

If you're someone who wants to build practical experience, I strongly recommend giving it a try, even if you initially feel skeptical. We're waiting for you!




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