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A Night of Connection

A Night of Connection: The Hybrid 'Talk in English' Session at Palette Kashiwa

Last night's "Talk in English" session was conducted as a hybrid event at Palette Kashiwa and online for the first time in a while. Usually bustling, Palette was notably quiet. This availability made me realize why only that particular room was open yesterday - it all makes sense now. This observation has me wondering if our next hybrid meeting on the 23rd will be similarly quiet, especially since it's graduation and moving season. Perhaps everyone is just too busy with their private lives on Saturday nights.

Despite the quietness, the presence of guests who spoke fluent English filled Room C with vibrant energy, even though there were just two of us there. On one hand, there were several absences online, resulting in a participation of five members. The president participated from Nagoya, and the energy on the online side did not let the small number of participants be felt.

With "English" as our theme, there was no shortage of topics to discuss.

We set the time duration for speeches at 3 minutes. Personally, despite my long tenure with Toastmasters, I still find it challenging to compact my speeches, which remains an area for improvement. More talking and practice will surely make me better at summarizing!

昨晩の’Talk in English’ は、久々にパレット柏とオンライン会場のハイブリッドで行いました。








Time durationは3分としました。


Now, let me share a summary from Yoodli:

- Members of the Kashiwa Toastmasters Club introduced themselves and shared their reasons for studying English.

- H asked for support as she will be giving a speech at an upcoming contest.

- N hoped her English skills have been improving after being a member for 1.5 years.

- K expressed interest in meeting the guest next time.

- YH suggested discussing why everyone studies English.

- H shared her reasons for studying English, including not wanting to be left behind as her children became fluent.

- K initially studied English for business purposes but now learns it for fun and making friends.

- YM explained their English learning journey and the importance of speaking out and overcoming shyness.

- T learns English for career advancement and credits his grandfather for sparking their interest in the language.

           hybrid meeting setup, showing a solitary arrangement




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