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#27 Talk in English(Casual Discussion) Meeting Summary

(English follows Japanese)



簡単な自己紹介。皆さんそれなりにTMCの活動をエンジョイしているらしい内容ばかりでした。昨日柏市民になったメンバーもいました。で、ゲストのSさんは、以前、柏のメンバーでしたが、お仕事と国際結婚されているので、時差の都合でお休みされていましたが、昨日は日本に戻っていらしたので、Kashiwa TMCに久々に参加してくださいました。


Discussion Leaderは、Aさんです。

最初のトピックは、 “Have you ever been on a diet?”




コロナ期間に増えてしまったという人が数人。それで4~5kg 減らしてダイエットに成功した2人。

Cheat day, 時には心を解放してポテトチップスやケーキセットを食べる日があってもOK!



2番目のトピックは、 “What does a healthy eating mean to you?”


ミネラル・プロテイン・食物繊維・ビタミンなどの栄養素をバランスよく食べることが大事。Balanced diet と Mindful diet を実行するようにしている。多様な種類を食べる。スナックなどは避ける。



After the warm greeting from TM. H, the acting president, each member took a moment to introduce themselves before extending their welcome to our special guest.

Following the introduction by TM. H, our acting president, each member shared a brief self-introduction before extending their greetings to our honored guests. It was evident that everyone was relishing their involvement in the Kashiwa Club activities in their own unique ways. Additionally, we celebrated a new addition to our membership - a member who had just become a Kashiwa citizen yesterday. Furthermore, we were delighted to welcome TM. S back into our meeting. She had previously been a Kashiwa Club member but had taken a break due to work commitments and an international marriage. Now residing in Japan, she re-joined our club after an extended absence.

Thank you all for being here with us!

From this point forward,TM H has taken on the role of the moderator.

Our first topic of discussion revolved around the question, "Have you ever been on a diet?"

Living in Japan presents a challenge when it comes to controlling one's appetite, given the tempting line-up of delicious foods available. As we went around the room, each member shared their experiences. Some had started their diet journeys in their youth, while others cited weight gain during the pandemic. It was encouraged to hear that two members had successfully shed 4-5 kilograms, demonstrating their dedication and perseverance.

We also recognized the importance of allowing ourselves a "cheat day" occasionally to indulge in our favorite treats like chips and cake sets. We reminisced about a time when society idealized a slim, model-like figure, which led to eating disorders among young women. We emphasized that extreme dieting and not eating were not advisable choices.

Considering the societal and cultural pressures associated with body size, most of us shared a commitment to maintaining a healthy weight without surrender to unhealthy stereotypes against both extremely overweight and underweight individuals.

Our second topic centered on the question, "What does healthy eating mean to you?"

Members emphasized the importance of a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients such as minerals, protein, fiber, and vitamins. Many among us strive to adhere to both a Balanced diet and a Mindful diet, emphasizing variety in our food choices while minimizing snacking. We encouraged the consumption of fruits and yogurt between meals and collectively agreed that the ultimate goal of healthy eating is to derive enjoyment from it. In the end, we emphasized that finding joy in one's diet is most important.


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