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#43 Regular Meeting ended wonderfully

Yesterday's meeting was quite stimulating.

A guest from overseas came to visit.

I am very happy that she became interested in Kashiwa TMC.

I had a double role as TOE and Timer, and I was quite busy.

I forgot the one-minute feedback time after A-san's speech and forgot to do M-san's Ah-Counter report…

I didn't forget to record and take photos which was great.

I was very interested in A-san's prepared speech from the title, and actually the speech was inspiring.

If she tweaks her gestures or facial expressions, she is surely able to participate in the next speech contest.

N-san made a Table Topics Master debut. The theme was 'fashion'.

All of her questions were unique and suitable for women.

Her debut was successful.

Y-san played an Individual evaluator. It was a very accurate and good review.

After the closing, we had the opportunity to hear stories from the guest.

Overall, the moving story and brilliant guest were making #43 Kashiwa regular meeting a little different.

The next Mystery Box Meeting is the third Table Topics Boot Camp. Let's hone our impromptu speeches. Do come.




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