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TT Boot Camp Meeting overview by N

9/2 (土) 柏トーストマスターズクラブ Boost Camp

(English follows Japanese)

Toastmastersの定例会にて行われるTable Topic sessionでは予期せぬ質問に指名されたspeakerは即座に答えを用意しなければなりません。ここでは自分の考えを即座にまとめ上げ発表する技術を養うわけです。

これが、難しい。 いつだってアタフタしてしまいます。終わってから「ああ言えばよかった、こう言えばよかった」、と常に後悔が伴います。

柏TMCでのBoost campでは丸一時間、ラウンドロビン方式にて時間のゆるす限り繰り返しこの即興スピーチの練習をします。







などなど 主題のないとりとめもない質問が飛び出します。



At Toastmasters club's regular meetings, during the Table Topic session, speakers are spontaneously called upon to answer unexpected questions. This is an opportunity to hone the skill of quickly organizing one's thoughts and delivering an impromptu speech.

It's quite challenging, and I often find myself in a bit of a scramble. I consistently experience post-event regret, thinking about what I could have said differently.

During the Boost camp at Kashiwa TMC, we engage in an hour-long practice session where we repeatedly practice impromptu speeches using a round-robin format.

Questions range from health management to the arrival of autumn in September, predictions for Japan's performance in the basketball World Cup, and even playful queries like, 'If you were an animal, what would you be?' or 'Do you have any special way of celebrating the Super Blue Moon?' or 'Do you stick to the same breakfast menu every day?'

These questions, often lacking a specific topic, keep us on our toes, encouraging us to react instantly. We strive to master impromptu speeches, delivering them with logic, humor, or whatever the situation calls for.


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