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The meeting is adjourned

<<from the General Evaluation of last Saturday >>

We actually had a very organized meeting agenda by Y-san that was being prepared, a few days in advance even if we had roles that were still missing.

Y-san asked members promptly whether they would like to take up certain roles so that they can enhance their skills and all these skills actually helps them in their future life as well.

So it showed the great team work.

And we started the engagement.

We had one speaker. She brought a very amusing speech.

Second one was table topics session.

Topic Master, M-san did conduct outstanding session. I enjoyed all the topics.

Third one was the evaluation session.

N-san evaluated M-san’s speech.

Her evaluation actually nailed the points.

A-san’s Word of the evening: standoffish was very new to me.

It was good to know.

H-san’s topics were also enjoyable. I had a blast day.

And all our facilitators did a very diligent work.

All facilitators, Kudos to you.

Now I have to thank A-san.

Thank you very much for taking a timers’s role.

Overall I could also see the growth of the team who are actually getting more matured.

I would say it was a successful meeting. Because we all spoke during the meeting.




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