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Tanoshi i Nihongo : nearly Japanese Regular Meeting


We happened to have a girls only meeting last Saturday again. 🤣

The meeting started a bit behind.

'Cause we discussed that Pathways webpage was updated.

Prepared Speech Session

Prepared speaker 1: J delivered a speech about SNS which is social networking.

Prepared speaker 2:I delivered a speech about social networking crimes.

Both of us shared about advantages and disadvantages of social networking.

Table Topics Session

K was a table topics master.

Topics were Blood Type, bullying, Form of Family,Newspaper and Facial Masks.

They were easy to find own story and they all resonated with us.

Individual Evaluation Session

Evaluator 1 and 2, both are the contestants of the coming evaluation speech contest.

Hard work pays off.

Lots of takeaways from a Grammarian,K. Thanks.

And last but not least, Timer, N. Good work. Wonderful debut for a Timer role.

Overall, our meeting was very productive.

Okay, now I'd like to say.....

Good luck, Samurai Blue. 

After the game.... VS Croatia 

Samurai Blue, you guys did a wonderful job. Thank you for the excellent game.

It was fabulous.

Kudos to you all. 💕





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