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perverse person

We had a great discussion workshop on Jan.8.

The discussion was good.

I found I have a different feeling from others.

My perception is like a verbal performance to lift up the atmosphere of a new year gathering, or a declaration that everyone will like.

Am I twisted. ;D

In my case, ”I will get Kashiwa chartered" is one of the most serious goals. However, I've been telling everybody 24/7. 🤣

My real personal goals are something that I would like to keep it secret.

"I will never be pessimistic." is one of my resolution examples actually. It shows I am usually pessimistic. Right? Yes, it is true. 😅  But it would be already breaking my resolution.if I say so in public🤣 To be more accurate, nobody cares about me. See I AM 'desperate'.

One of low risk resolutions in public, "I will study hard and speak English more fluently."

But it is too typical to me.

Okay, my new year's resolution is " to be honest with my self".

Thank you.😀

Happy 2022!! 🎉




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