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Unfortunately, I forgot to record the fabulous meeting last Saturday.

We had 2 speakers in the prepared speech session.

First speaker was a brand new member.

I was super impressed.

Her performance was flawless. wow...

Kudos to her!

Also, as for 2nd speaker, I found a stupendous growth in her speech.

Kashiwa TMC is growing !!

We had a fun table topic session.

Topics were "gift" "travel" related.

All enjoyed the session.

Thank you, topic master, J. Congrats, the best topic speaker, M!

We got our meeting style on track finally since last March when we got Kashiwa chartered.

Our General Evaluator made a GE debut. She was all settled in although she was a first timer of GE!! What a super woman. She is still one of the rookies. 落ち着いてる〜〜〜

Last but not least, funny thing was both of Individual Evaluation speeches were over time.

Probably, we wanted to pick up many wonderful points in the speeches.

(One of the evaluators was ME)

We had a nice guest's comment :

"Your club is great, very positive atmosphere with lots of creativity !"

Happy about it.

Thanks, S.




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