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Meeting Overview by MN


Hi, everyone! I want to share about the Kashiwa Toastmasters Club meeting we had on November 25.  We didn't have any guests, but our area director was with us.

First up, we had two awesome prepared speeches. The first one was by a new member from Sri Lanka! She talked about herself, where she comes from, and why she decided to move to Japan. It was really cool to learn about her. The second speech was all about welcoming and supporting her, and it was really human touch. All the club members gave her a big welcome!

Then, we had a Table Topics Session where each person had 2 minutes to talk about something related to the event chosen by the Table Topic Master. For example, when it came to Japan winning in the WBC championship, everyone was super excited and happy! And when Sota Fujii won 8 titles, someone said, "I wish I had his cleverness or a method to become clever!"

From start to finish, today's meeting was fantastic! If you're interested, come join us and have a good time with all of us!


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