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Kashiwa Toastmasters Club 9/23 Meeting Report

Kashiwa Toastmasters Club 9/23 Meeting Report

Today's meeting was held with 7 members and 2 guests, TM Y.S. and Ms. I. from Sri Lanka.

It was delightful to have new guests to change the atmosphere.

Everyone introduced themselves and the meeting started in a friendly atmosphere.

Today's prepared speech was given by TM Y.K. He talked about his experience of participating in a workshop abroad and the cultures and values of other countries based on the contents of a book ("The Cultural Map"). It was a very intriguing and informative speech.

Speaking of the Table Topic session, each member gave an impromptu speech on the theme of reading, which was assigned by our guest TM Y.S. It was interesting to hear everyone's answers. Thank you very much for choosing an easy-to-answer theme.

The next meeting will be the Table Topic Boot Camp on October 7.




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