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Event Afterword: Talk with Mayuko

What an amusing event it was!!!

Starting with 騙し絵:Trick Art Optical Illusion, because I was so inspired by what Mayuko-san said on "英語好き集まれ” on Clubhouse.

She prepared the art because of what I said. (Sorry I forgot to record that part.)

Why 騙し絵? 

Let me explain.

Like many Japanese English learners, I had fear of speaking English in public.

But when I joined a club in Hong Kong, I happened to have 'Ah-ha' moment.

There was only a slight difference in the way of feeling.

I used to blame my English skill by myself, despite others never take that way.

I was just excessively self conscious. I'm sometimes still too self conscious though.

I shouldn't blame my poor spoken skill. People will change over the months and years.


When I shared this experience on the stage of "英語好き集まれ", Mayuko-san hit the nail on the head at that time.

You will find another picture from the 騙し絵. Just a different perspective, that is.

See, you find the old woman there.

Her guess was completely right. It was just a 騙し絵.

It IS important to have opportunities to use English.

Mayuko-san and Kashiwa TMC made it last Wednesday.

It was successful. Mayuko-san, Thank you for your idea of the game : Two Truths and a Lie.

Let's throw another English Game Party again in the near future.

See you again, everyone. 💕

This is a short version of recording link.

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