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District76, DivisionB Evaluation Contest result

I'm very happy to announce the result of the contest.

We had a division B evaluation contest on Dec.18, 2022 which was yesterday.

It was a Divisional tournament, so it was a very high-level contest.

We sent 2 contestants there.

Each of them gave a magnificent evaluation in Japanese and in English contest.

Guess what?

What a happy outcome it was.

Our very new club mate came 3rd in the English Evaluation Contest.

She became a member last August. She is an only 4 months old toastmaster.

Amazing, amazing, amazing!

At first, she thanked the test speaker and the audience.

After that, she picked out these areas.

He spoke slowly enough for the Japanese audience.

He paraphrased a phrase which was not familiar to Japanese English learners.

The gestures were just right, not too much. The content was relevant to the audience.

As an improvement point, she personally would have liked a little bit about how to spend his holidays.

Over all, she looked at the camera, and delivered an evaluation speech with confidence.

It was quite a 凛とした evaluation speech.

Also I didn't find filler words in her speech. Kudos for her efforts.

I was inspired by her speech. Fellow members, let's enjoy evaluation together.




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