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#44 Regular Meeting ended fruitfully (reported by N)

(Japanese follows English)

Kashsiwa TMC Regular Meeting


#44 Regular Meeting began with the participation of 6 members and A-san.

The lively rhythm and expression of guest A-san added to the excitement of the meeting from the opening. We are always inspired by her English. Thank you.

Now, as the meeting progressed, it was M-san‘s turn to deliver a speech.

The them was “My Expectations for younger Japanese”, focusing on the language abilities of sports athletes who play overseas and the hospitality in Japanese tourist destinations. It was a speech that emphasized the importance of language skills and expressed high hopes. It was excellent.

The word of the day was “Vibrant”, meaning lively or energetic. During the Table Topics session, we were asked to incorporate this word into our impromptu speeches. This time, M-san provided various photos, and we had to share our thoughts and impressions based on those photos. They included overseas harbor towns, Big Buda statue, skyscrapers, and glamping, among others.

In the following segments, Evaluation, H-san provided feedback on M-sans speech and K-san evaluated the Table Topic master's demonstration. They both did a great job of pointing out the positive aspects and logically summarizing their points. Well done.

In our regular sessions, we have different roles assigned to members.

Interesting!!! Yoodli AI participated for the first time as the U-ah Counter and Grammarian. While there is a certain fear associated with relying on AI for accurate judgment, many agreed that it would undoubtedly be a valuable asset to the Kashiwa Toastmasters club.

I am impressed by the General Evaluations given by M-san and A-san. They encourage us and give us the diligence to improvement.

2023年5月27日 (土曜日)19:30-21:00



さて、会は進行し、スピーチはMさんです。“日本の若者に期待” とのテーマで海外で活躍するスポーツ選手の語学力、日本の観光地でのもてなし等に及び語学の必要性と期待をこめたスピーチでした。よかったですよ。

今回の単語のお題は Vibrant 活気のある等の意味です。





続くEvaluation, HさんはMさんのスピーチをKさんはTable Topic Masterのデモンストレーションを論評してくださいました。共に、良かった点を述べ論理的にまとめるところ、さすがです。

定例会ではそれぞれ役割分担があります。なんと今回初参加はYoodli AIによるU-ah counterとGramarianでした。今後、正確に判断してもらえるAIには怖さもありますが、柏トーストマスターズにおいて大変な助っ人になること間違いなしとの意見が多かったです。






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