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#42 Regular Meeting ended with laughs

Hello, readers !

This is written by M-san.


Apparently, we were all still riding high from the World Baseball Classic excitement. But we had a special guest at the meeting: a soccer mom! Yes, you heard me right, folks. Not a baseball mom, but a soccer mom. Who knows, maybe she'll join our ranks and become a Toastmaster herself.

The meeting got off to a rollicking start thanks to our trusty TOE, who managed to cobble together an agenda despite being busy lately. We had two prepared speeches, one about the art of “Ikebana” (and in the comparison with “flower arrangement”) , and the other about the trials and tribulations of giving an English speech. It was refreshing to hear someone speak honestly and frankly about the challenges we all face as Toastmasters.

Then came the Table Topics, which were all about that hot topic sweeping the nation right now: baseball! Even the female members of our group gave it a shot and delivered some impromptu speeches that were just as good as the guys'. The evaluations for the speeches were spot-on and full of great feedback.

Before we knew it, the meeting was over and we were all just shooting the breeze with our guest. The "two-fisted" pepper grinding gesture was shared as our sign of Toastmasters challenge and energy. Anyway, next meeting we're going to switch things up and have the boys tackle some of the topics that the ladies usually handle. Should be fun! どうやら、ワールド・ベースボール・クラシックの興奮が冷めやらぬ様子でした。しかし、このミーティングには特別なゲストがいました!そうです、皆さん、私の話を聞いた通りです。野球のお母さんではなく、サッカーのお母さんです。もしかしたら、彼女も私たちの仲間に加わって、トーストマスターになるかもしれません。








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