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#38 Kashiwa TMC Regular Meeting ended

The meeting started a few minutes behind.

I had 2 meeting roles which are Toastmaster of the evening and Individual evaluator.

We have some absentees last Saturday.

We swapped the prepared speech session for the table topics session for some reason.

So we started the meeting with a table topics session.

The topic master made its MASTER debut. She conducted very well.

The theme was "Shopping" which was a very timely choice.

And we had 8 topic speakers.

It was a good and fun session. We had two awardees.🎉🎉

2nd portion was prepared speech session.

We had 3 speakers.

1st speaker talked about her curiosity and courage. It was something we have all in common.

2nd speaker shared his ideas for handshakes. It was funny. Also it is good to know.

And the 3rd speaker delivered his story about his negative assumption during his stay as an expat.

All shared their own experiences. They are all outstanding.

The 3rd portion was the evaluation session.

We learned how to evaluate effectively from our immediate club mentor.

We will have the division evaluation contest in December. It was very useful and helpful.

My bad was I forgot to announce the awardees of the table topics session.

Besides, I forgot to close the meeting saying "the meeting is adjourned."

I had to stay focused.

But all in all, despite we had less participants, we had a fabulous meeting.

Our next meeting is "Talk in English".

It IS Kashiwa's speciality.

Please do come. We might have the online year-end-party after the session.


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