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#3 Table Topics Boot Camp epilogue

English follows Japanese

5月6日 土曜日の柏トーストマスターズ会の報告です。

海外からのゲスト1名を加えた6名参加のTable Topic Boot campです。

オンラインでの会は様々な地区からの参加が可能で 素晴らしい。


Popcorn 形式の色々な質問が出されます。




・英語の習得法は? などなど・・・・



Posted by VPM

This is a report on the Kashiwa Toastmasters meeting held on Saturday, May 6th.

It was a Table Topic Boot camp with six participants, including one guest from overseas.

The online meeting allowed for participation form various districts, which was fantastic.

There is no doubt that it provided stimulating discussions.

Various questions will be asked in a popcorn-style, such as:

・What are the five items to take out in case of a disaster?

・What advice would you give tao your younger self?

・What is a memorable Mother’s day present?

・What is the best way to learn English? And so on・・・・

The speed of thinking and response can be trained by answering these questions.

We also look forward to participating and improving our English skills at the next event.

posted by VPM




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