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#12 English Discussion Workshop

On this coming Saturday, we'll have the #11 English Discussion Workshop.

7:30-8:30 (60 minutes) Japan Time UTC +9

Theme is "May Blues"

It sounds very unfamiliar to you. We say GO GATSU BYOU in Japan.

With the middle of May approaching, it is about time for the number of people complaining of May illness to start increasing.

 The environment changes in April, the new school year, and after a month of hard work, the tiredness of the month begins to appear around the time of the consecutive holidays in May. This disease, which is considered a national illness, actually seems to be a uniquely Japanese disease caused by the social structure. Dr. Ken Inada of Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital explains.

There is no such thing as May illness in psychiatric terminology. If we were to apply a psychiatric diagnosis, it would be an adjustment disorder. It is a condition in which a person tries hard to adapt to a new environment and becomes tired after trying a little too hard.

[Translated with]

5月病:May Blues is common for the Japanese nationals anyway.

Let's discuss casually in a breakout room.

5月も中旬を迎え、そろそろ五月病を訴える人が増える次期です。  4月に新年度が始まり、5月の連休明けに疲れが出る。日本の国民病と言われている。








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