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Kashiwa Toastmasters Club
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Hi, we are 


We learn by doing.We have Workshop and Regular Meeting every months. Zoom details will be sent to guests before the meeting

What's in it For You?

Toastmasters Regular Meeting on 4th Sat.

We have Presentation session, Impromptu Speech session and Feedback session  

Workshop on 2nd Sat. is Kashiwa's specialty

Meeting information

The 2nd Saturday

Discussion Workshop


The 4th Saturday 
Regular Meeting

Membership Fee

  ¥0 (for first 8 applicants)

  Registration Fee

  Feel free to visit anytime

We welcome visitors from any countries.  

See you soon ♪



Dec.25  Short 日本語Meeting&Party🎉

What's Toastmasters Club?

Toastmaster International offers a proven education program that helps improve communication and build leadership skills.

Please see TI website.


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